August 2020
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Starship Polaris

Back around 2005, a fellow I know named Dennis Bailey was working on a Star Trek fan film project called Starship Exeter: The Tressaurian Intersection. His experience on that project inspired him to start thinking about an independant film production of his own, one based on the beloved sci-fi adventure films and literature of his youth. Together with a like-minded sci-fi fan and talented artist named D.J. Nielsen, he began developing a story idea, originally called Starship Defiance, that eventually became known simply as Polaris.  

Set centuries in the future, Polaris tells the story of an interstellar starship lost in uncharted space. To get home again Captain Sam Fredericks, Valerie Young and the crew of the star cruiser Polaris must defeat an implacable enemy and solve the mystery of an impossible planet. Their discoveries will change humanity forever – if they survive.  

- From the Website  

Dennis and D.J. have made great progress. Casting has begun with three of the lead actors already in place. Sets have been designed and they are finalizing stage space and preparing for construction, with principle photography scheduled to begin in December of this year. However, there is one particular and rather significant detail that has yet to be finalized: The external design of Polaris itself.  

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Diving into “Hydrospace”

And now for some actual artwork! This is my entry for the “Hydrospace” art contest in the Trek Art forum on TrekBBS. The challenge this month was to depict how humans in the Star Trek universe might explore the oceans of an alien world.    

Hydrospace Challenge Entry - April 09

"Hydrospace" Challenge Entry - April '09


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A New Beginning – Taking Oxycodone for a few weeks

So, what does one write for the very first post of a brand new blog? I suppose I could introduce myself, talk about what I do and what this blog is for, but I think I already covered that well enough on the Welcome page. Besides which, I suspect most of the people visiting this site, at least at first, will be people who already know me fairly well. I think I’ll stick with something a bit timelier and more relevant.

First, you know by now that I had a bit of a health issue. I have already gone to the doctor and it does not seem to be anywhere near as bad as I thought it would be, which is great news. I already checked if I can buy oxycodone without prescription because I lost mine and my doctor is going to take a while to get back to me. So not to worry, as the development of the new site should not be slowed down all that much after all.

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