April 2021
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“Through the Fire”

Last Monday, July the 11th, my sister Lisa passed away after a hard-fought battle with cancer. She was an amazing person and the courage and determination she showed in the face of this struggle, right up ’til the very end, is something I will always remember and admire.

Not long after she was first diagnosed, [...]

“Patriots and Tyrants” Book Cover

My friend David Bagwell has just published his first novel titled, “Grandchildren of Liberty: Patriots and Tyrants.” This is the first in a series of at least three books and I will painting the covers for all of them. Here is the full front cover:

And here is the complete image for the front [...]

Guardian Angel

I started this digital painting almost two years ago, intending to give it to my mother for Christmas in 2012, but it just wasn’t coming together at the time and got set aside indefinitely. Last November, I finally had an epiphany about where I wanted to go with it and decided to tackle it for [...]

Book Cover Preview

Here’s a small preview of a professional book cover I just completed for a friend’s first published novel, due out the beginning of next year. I’ll post more info about it when the time comes.

Book Cover Preview


Project “W2″: Vehicle Design

Another installment in my “W2″ project. This time I’m working on a sailing ship with the ability to fly. This is a preliminary design and will likely go through further revisions, possibly extensive ones. I haven’t really tackled the sails and rigging yet but I’m doing a lot of research to figure out how to [...]