May 2022
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USS Grandeur – More Concepts

A few more early concept sketches for the Grandeur:

USS Grandeur – Early Concept Sketch

USS Grandeur – Early Concept Sketch

USS Grandeur – Early Concept Sketch

USS Grandeur – Early Concept Sketch

USS Grandeur – Early Concept Sketch

USS Grandeur – Early Concept Sketch


USS Grandeur – Early Concepts

Probably my best known Trek design project on sites like, and elsewhere is the USS Grandeur.

USS Grandeur Wallpaper #4

I started working on this project way back around 2004, I think. Might have been even earlier than that. I’m sure someone will set me straight if I’m wrong. Point is, it’s [...]

Project Code Name “W2″: Character Sketch – UPDATED

I’m going to start posting a variety of illustrations for a project I am working on that I shall refer to only as “W2.” All I can tell you is that it’s based on material created by an aspiring author friend of mine, which in turn is based on a role-playing game from over twenty [...]

Sky Harbor – ImagineFX Monthly Challenge Entry

A couple of months ago, I decided to enter the monthly art challenge at The theme for the challenge was a simple two-word phrase, “Sky Harbor,” to be interpreted however the artist chose. I chose to do a retro-futuristic scene of a 1930s New York city where advanced airships ruled the skies.

Unfortunately, [...]

The Fourth Wise Man

A few years ago, my father came to me with an idea for a drawing he wanted me to work on, one that would illustrate both the true meaning of Christmas, a celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ, and the spirit of Christmas in the form of Old Saint Nick. Unlike some who decry [...]

STO Enterprise-F Contest Update and Illustration

Well, as of yesterday, the winners of the Star Trek Online “Design the Next Enterprise” contest have supposedly been selected. I haven’t heard anything yet so either they haven’t gotten around to notifying everyone or my submission didn’t make the cut. Either way, I’ve had a blast working on this project and I think I’ve [...]

Star Trek Online – Design the Next Enterprise Contest – Revision 1.1

I’ve gotten lots of positive comments about my design for the “next Enterprise” both here and on the other art-related sites I frequent, along with the occasional constructive criticism. The one feature of this design that people seemed to like the least was the so-called “guppy mouth,” my rather unique, U-shaped approach to the main [...]

Star Trek Online – Design the Next Enterprise Contest Entry

Star Trek Online is an MMORPG set in the Star Trek universe near the dawn of the 25th century. Recently, the game’s developer, Cryptic Studios, announced a contest to design the next incarnation of the starship Enterprise for use in the game, presumably the NCC-1701-F. Even though I don’t play the game, being both a [...]

Polaris – Other Ship Concepts

As promised, here is a collection of other ship designs for the Polaris project. These are still under review and subject to change, but they were still fun to do regardless of how or if they wind up being used.

United Worlds Ship Concepts

There are some common elements to these designs, all inspired [...]

Starship Polaris – Detail Sketches

I’m getting down to the nitty-gritty details on the Polaris concept sketches in preparation for the serious 3D modeling work:

Polaris – Hero Ship Detailing

Some concept sketches for additional ship designs will appear in the near future.