May 2022
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Starship Polaris – More 3D

Work continues on the Starship Polaris 3D model.

Polaris 3D – Aft ViewPolaris 3D – Aft View

Polaris 3D – Aft View

Polaris 3D – Drive Sphere Close-up

Polaris 3D – Front View

Polaris 3D – Side View, Sails Extended


Polaris – Other Ship Concepts

As promised, here is a collection of other ship designs for the Polaris project. These are still under review and subject to change, but they were still fun to do regardless of how or if they wind up being used.

United Worlds Ship Concepts

There are some common elements to these designs, all inspired [...]

Starship Polaris – Detail Sketches

I’m getting down to the nitty-gritty details on the Polaris concept sketches in preparation for the serious 3D modeling work:

Polaris – Hero Ship Detailing

Some concept sketches for additional ship designs will appear in the near future.


Starship Polaris – Going Three Dimensional

When I originally signed on to Dennis Bailey’s Polaris project I was only going to help contribute some design ideas for the hero ship, but now it looks like I will be building a 3D model of it as well. I say a 3D model rather than the 3D model because I work in 3ds Max [...]

Starship Polaris – Round Four

So, after the latest round of coordination with Dennis, the “sails” have been restored to the design for the Polaris. I had a backup plan in case he decided to go that way and I have to say I’m glad he did. I liked the version without the sails but I like this even better.  


Starship Polaris – Round Three

Looks like Dennis Bailey and his team are making good progress on set construction for the bridge of the Starship Polaris, as noted in his latest blog entry. In the mean time, I’m continuing to submit ideas for the look of the ship itself. Here is the latest sketch showing several new design elements:  

Starship Polaris – New Concept Sketches

As part of the ongoing Starship Polaris project, I just completed another batch of concept sketches for various configurations and parts and pieces of the eponymously named hero ship. Here are three of the better ones:  

Configuration Concepts


More Configuration Concepts


Sublight Engine Module


I’ve been going back and [...]

Starship Polaris

Back around 2005, a fellow I know named Dennis Bailey was working on a Star Trek fan film project called Starship Exeter: The Tressaurian Intersection. His experience on that project inspired him to start thinking about an independant film production of his own, one based on the beloved sci-fi adventure films and literature of his [...]