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“Patriots and Tyrants” Book Cover

My friend David Bagwell has just published his first novel titled, “Grandchildren of Liberty: Patriots and Tyrants.” This is the first in a series of at least three books and I will painting the covers for all of them. Here is the full front cover:

And here is the complete image for the front and back with text and other markings removed:

And the synopsis from the back cover:

When genius JP Cain saw the nation he loved crumbling, he did the only thing he could. He founded a new one. He and 117 like-minded souls founded the Republic of Secundus, a nation on an alternate Earth that was anything but Eden. Filled with animals out of prehistory, Secundus forced the colonists to fight for their very existence. If they could win, a new dream would be born: A republic based on the ideas of personal freedom, liberty, and responsibility.

Two decades later, the citizens are embarking on a new mission: to help free the world they escaped. The United States has broken under the yoke of tyranny, and Secundus’ best hope rests with political prisoner, former historian, and radio personality Lukas Faber.

But even with JP’s technology and their drive, can the people of Secundus overcome the forces of the UN, the mass media propaganda machine, and the shadowy figure pulling all their strings? They are all that stand between Earth’s greatest tyranny and true personal freedom.

Let the battle begin…

The book is available for pre-order on the Freedom Forge Press website by clicking on this link.

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