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Guardian Angel

I started this digital painting almost two years ago, intending to give it to my mother for Christmas in 2012, but it just wasn’t coming together at the time and got set aside indefinitely. Last November, I finally had an epiphany about where I wanted to go with it and decided to tackle it for Christmas 2013. I had another couple of false starts working out the pose and various details, not to mention the challenge of learning how to paint lots and lots of feathers, but I finally had a version I was happy with in about three weeks. The end result was printed on canvas and mounted on a 16″x20″ stretcher board, which Mom plans to put in a nice frame later this week. She loves anything and everything to do with angels so I think it worked out to be a pretty successful gift.

Guardian Angel

Guardian Angel

7 comments to Guardian Angel

  • Just a fan of your work. I love the USS Grandeur, and I very much like your angel picture. Keep up the good work!
    Just a fan,
    Scott Ferriss

  • Breathtaking and amazing. I’d love to have seen the process. Well done!

  • I think I’m going to try posting a montage of WIP images for this some time this weekend, so you may get your wish. ;)

  • Sylvio Mário Bazote

    Parabéns pelo belo trabalho!

  • Donna R Deal


    I would love to be able to use your Guardian Angel painting as a logo for my business, Get Me Home, LLC. I am creating get home bags designed specifically for women in the event of emergency situations. The bags are known as Guardian Angel bags so this painting would fit just perfectly. We are a start-up with no capital at this point; just a dream and a prayer. What would you say to us featuring your painting and giving your work credit on our website that we are currently in the process of building. Please let me know.
    Donna R. Deal

  • Jason, I am requesting permission to use your photo in a law enforcement training presentation in March; International Law Enforcement Educators and Trainers Association…

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