June 2012
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Sky Harbor – ImagineFX Monthly Challenge Entry

A couple of months ago, I decided to enter the monthly art challenge at ImagineFX.com. The theme for the challenge was a simple two-word phrase, “Sky Harbor,” to be interpreted however the artist chose. I chose to do a retro-futuristic scene of a 1930s New York city where advanced airships ruled the skies.

Unfortunately, ImagineFX.com is based out of the UK and a botched timezone conversion caused me to submit my entry one hour late after working on it for a solid month, so I wound up ineligible for the contest. Nevertheless, I was quite proud of the piece and I think it will make a pretty nice addition to my portfolio, even though it could still use a few more finishing touches.


Sky Harbor

Sky Harbor

2 comments to Sky Harbor – ImagineFX Monthly Challenge Entry

  • Luky Romero

    I love it; a dream world where everywhere you go you can see the beauty of the landscape. I love this picture, screw the snakes who tell you it’s not contest worthy. The only reason it would not be contest worthy is because it’s too good for any. As another fellow artist, this is probably the most beautiful landscape I have seen in ages.

  • Jason

    This is awesome. Definitely has a Crimson Skies meets Sky Captain look to it.

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