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The Fourth Wise Man

A few years ago, my father came to me with an idea for a drawing he wanted me to work on, one that would illustrate both the true meaning of Christmas, a celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ, and the spirit of Christmas in the form of Old Saint Nick. Unlike some who decry the overemphasis on one or the other, he wanted to demonstrate that there is room in the world for both, each in their proper place. He even had a title for the piece he had in mind. He called it, “The Fourth Wise Man.”

As with so many other projects, I added it to my list and promised that I would get around to it “some day.” I made an abortive start on it a few times, never quite hitting on a worthy vision of what my father had described. Every Christmas that came around, the idea would resurface but then quickly recede when inspiration failed to strike, as though its time had simply not yet come. Nine days ago, the idea surfaced again, and this time the inspiration came. I put pen to digital tablet and the simple drawing my father had requested began to take shape in much more elaborate form than even I had ever intended.

A year ago, I could not have painted this image. Not only did I lack the vision, but I would not have had the skills or the knowledge or the perseverance to see it through. In some ways, it almost seemed to paint itself, revealing itself in ways that were as surprising as they were satisfying. I had intended it as a gift for my father, but in the end it seemed to insist on recognizing my mother’s love of angels as well.

To all my family, friends and loved ones, this goes out to you also at this most joyous of Holiday seasons. In these trying times, it is often easy to forget that life is still good and we are all truly blessed in so many ways.

Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!

The Fourth Wise Man

The Fourth Wise Man

10 comments to The Fourth Wise Man

  • Larry Roop

    What a beautiful Picture, what your father wanted you to do, you have captured it very very well. It is just so beautiful, and it should be framed and hung very prominently. An outstanding job for sure.

  • Amazing work, Jason!! I completely agree with your presentation. Always remember that Jesus himself wasn’t a rigid Christian who didn’t have room for imagination, laughter, and fun… His first miracle was turning water to wine at a wedding party, for goodness sake! :) I speak joy and acceptance over this painting and that it will bridge a gap in our word that has been a religous chasm that divides this special day that should be celebrated together as a whole! ~DRS

  • Amy Roop

    I love it …Very beautiful…

  • Jason, that is absolutely beautiful, and I do believe you captured what your dad wanted. I had no idea you were such an awsome artist. I guess thats what happens when you are so far away from your family. This is truly an inspriational piece of art, no doubt about it. Nice work. Now I’m going to have to check some of your other pieces. Love your Aunt Heather.

  • Also would love a copy of this, is there any way I can get one? I just love it. The more I look at it, it seems, the more I see. You can email me with an answer, or find me on Facebook. Thanks again, Heather

  • I’m still making some tweaks and color adjustments to the painting, but it should be ready for final printing soon. I’ve had several people ask me if they could get copies of it and I’m actually thinking of offering it for sale. I have to determine what my overhead would be for printing, packaging, shipping, etc.

    Anyone who is interested in obtaining a printed copy, email me at

  • John Ritter

    Now that is beautiful, your best work yet.

  • Maggie

    Oh my goodness, what a beautiful and moving painting!

    I’m wondering if you’ve considered printing Christmas cards with this image? If so, I would certainly buy them!

  • I hadn’t thought about Christmas cards but it’s not a bad idea. I’ve been meaning to revisit this piece and fix a few things I was never quite happy with. Maybe I’ll do that and we’ll see what comes next.

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