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STO Enterprise-F Contest Update and Illustration

Well, as of yesterday, the winners of the Star Trek Online “Design the Next Enterprise” contest have supposedly been selected. I haven’t heard anything yet so either they haven’t gotten around to notifying everyone or my submission didn’t make the cut. Either way, I’ve had a blast working on this project and I think I’ve really improved my artistic skills in a lot of different areas.

A few days ago, I started working on a more picturesque illustration of my Enterprise-F design using some techniques that I’ve never really tried before. I normally start everything with a line drawing but this time I went straight into laying down brush strokes on a blank “canvas,” just feeling it out as I went. So far, I’ve been both pleased and genuinely surprised by the results.

STO Enterprise-F - Jupiter Polar Orbit

STO Enterprise-F - Jupiter Polar Orbit

This is still quite a ways from being finished, with lots of details and windows and such yet to be added, but it’s coming along. I should also point out that a slight change has been made to the ship’s configuration, the “secondary hull” having been pushed back a ways in an attempt to improve the ship’s overall sense of balance. A lot of people suggested the idea and I am forced to admit it was a change for the better.

I’m looking forward to the final announcement of the contest winners some time next week, whoever they may be, and I will continue to update this image as time permits.

19 comments to STO Enterprise-F Contest Update and Illustration

  • Deif

    for me, you’re anyway a winner, vektor! your ent-f looks awesome and i loce the nacelle design. hope to see more of it.
    btw. i voted for ypo at sto…..

    chiefengineer uss grandeur

  • Captain Nikan "Nice" Hardrive

    Personally, I always felt that the engineering hull could stand to be a bit more rounded. Shave a few decks off the bottom, widen it a wee bit to recoup on the lost volume. I know you’re not hot on doing away with the pronounced ‘U’ hull as a matter of retaining character, but believe me it would do wonders for the ship’s profile. You could make a similarly-designed navigational deflector in a semicircle easily enough.

    Love your design, by the way. Gratz for placing in the Top 25.

  • shipfisher

    Of all the contest submissions I’ve seen, this is the only one in the hunt IMHO.

    Good luck – you’d get my vote.

  • What a great and wonderful design, I liked the original design with the scoop up flush saucer back. Either way it looks good!

  • heya mate,
    do you know that your design is a runner-up?
    personally, i like the open scoop mouth, it reminds me of Boeing’s X-32 in a positive yet underappreciated way.

    at least you can take pride that the folks at cryptic and the judging panel appreciated your bold design – risk is part of the business, as they say..

  • shipfisher

    Seen the contest winner – not feeling it.

    Yours stands alone as the only one looking professionally designed and screen worthy. Its only real competition was plagiarized.

    The design winning criterion over at Cryptic remains, well, cryptic to me. Your “Runner Up” ran away with it by mine.

  • I’m aware of the outcome of the contest. If there’s any order to the listing of the runners-up, I apparently placed 9th overall, which I’m pretty happy with given the number of entries.

    My congratulations to Adam Ihle on his winning entry. I think he came up with a fantastic design and I can hardly wait to see how the in-game version turns out.

    Thanks to everyone for the kind words and comments on my design. I’ll come back to this painting and perhaps even a 3D version of it eventually, but I have some other projects I need to see through to completion first.

  • Jesse lauriston

    So here’s the deal. Your latest drawing is a quantum leap above and beyond your submission contest drawings. Maybe its the smooth texture of the drawing that gives it a very futuristic look. Your previous drawings had an edge to them, problem solved with your latest design. Lets get real, the winning design simply is not in your league. Kudos to you.

  • Captain Nikan "Nice" Hardrive

    Anyone else here think that Vektor’s ship would make a really sweet replacement for the Jupiter-class Dreadnoughts?

  • REM1701

    J.J. Abhrams sure could’ve used you on Trek-2009. Your stuff is vastly superior to what his design team came up with :-)

  • MarvoDaMighty

    Okay This is a very Sexy Ship Design. Going for that sleeker look. The Nacelles look suspiciously like a POLARIS evolution :-)

    I love This Ship. You really should see if you can get a modeler license or permission or whatever from Paramount. It really is that good.

  • Ian Stewart

    Hey, it looks like you were the favored entry of Captain Logan from STO.


    Ten minutes in, you see a really interesting new design from Captain Logan in terms of redesigned Voyager. It takes a cue or two from your Enterprise-F design, but I won’t spoil it for you.

  • John Seever

    A beautiful drawing and I cannot wait to see more of what you have. Maybe it can be a new class of ship for a future ship in STO

  • Hevach


    Not sure if you’d already heard, but your ship actually did make it into STO as the Chimera-class destroyer (exclusive veteran reward). Makes it about the fourth or fifth DTNE submission that got used after the Enterprise itself, and also the most least changed from the original aside from the Exeter.

  • Yep, I’m aware of it. Cryptic got in touch with me several days ago and asked me to give them a brief write-up on the design to be posted on the STO blog on Monday. I’m pleased that they did such a faithful implementation and I hope everyone has a lot of fun with it.

  • Hugh

    Just came from the STO page about your ship design. I wanted to say the design is brilliant, really well made and thank you for it. It deserves to be in STO and was definitely one of the best in the contest. Congratulations on becoming part of Star Trek history!

  • Thanks, Hugh. Glad you liked the design.

  • Martin

    I am so pleased your ship is in the game. I am using it on couple of my characters after becoming a lifetimer. I love the tactical mode, that was your idea right? Cause I haven’t seen anything here about it.
    It looks way sexier here then in game though, maybe you can work on some variants that Cryptic can put in as costumes for us lifetimers to use on your ship design?

  • Tactical mode was NOT my idea, though I do think it’s pretty cool. I think my involvement with it on Cryptic’s end is concluded, however, so probably no more skins or other mods from me. Glad you’re enjoying it, though.

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