April 2011
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Star Trek Online – Design the Next Enterprise Contest – Revision 1.1

I’ve gotten lots of positive comments about my design for the “next Enterprise” both here and on the other art-related sites I frequent, along with the occasional constructive criticism. The one feature of this design that people seemed to like the least was the so-called “guppy mouth,” my rather unique, U-shaped approach to the main deflector dish. I myself was never completely satisfied with the way it blended into the underside of the primary hull and today I finally took the time to do something about it.

The alteration I came up with is pretty subtle, but I think it does just enough to correct the problem without sacrificing its unique character. I leave it for you to judge.

The Next Enterprise - Revision 1.1

The Next Enterprise - Revision 1.1

8 comments to Star Trek Online – Design the Next Enterprise Contest – Revision 1.1

  • Shes a very buetiful design there :D

  • thorGT

    So… you’ve lost it? Not even close to the winners, as far as I can see. What a pity. This is a really well designed ship, and I love both the idea and the implementation. Quite an amount of thinking and trying out different variants must have gone into this.

  • Well, unless you know something I don’t, the winners haven’t been determined yet. Last I heard, the decision was set to be made some time this coming week. If you’re looking at the “Most Votes” and “Highest Rated” lists on the contest website, those actually have nothing to do with determining who wins. The final decision is being made by Cryptic Studios and CBS.

  • thorGT

    OK, that’s pretty much what I have been thinking about this. Of course I don’t know anything from behind the scenes :) If the final decisionis up to the Studio, then I believe you have quite some chances. Good luck to your ship!

  • I’ve kind of lost track of exactly how the decision is being made. I gather that both Cryptic Studios and CBS have a hand in it but supposedly they have not been able to reach a consensus. Hopefully they’ll get it worked out soon and relieve us all from the suspense!

  • Apo Agathos

    Just wondering if you would ever upload the 3d model to Shapeways.com to make a physical model :) I’d buy one. It’s a beautiful ship.

  • Well, first of all, this design doesn’t yet exist as a 3D model. Everything I’ve done so far has been 2D illustrations drawn by hand on my Cintiq digital tablet. I would like to build a 3D version of it eventually but I can’t say when that will be.

    Second, because it was submitted for the contest, this design now technically belongs to Cryptic studios and CBS Television, so marketing it as a physical model or in any other form is out of my hands.

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