March 2010
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Polaris – Other Ship Concepts

As promised, here is a collection of other ship designs for the Polaris project. These are still under review and subject to change, but they were still fun to do regardless of how or if they wind up being used.

United Worlds Ship Concepts

United Worlds Ship Concepts

There are some common elements to these designs, all inspired by certain characteristics of the Polaris. They all have disc shapes in various configurations, which I am interpreting as a key element of United Worlds FTL drive technology. Also, the two on the right follow the Polaris trend of a “vertical” profile, taking traditionally horizontal shapes and turning them on-edge. Another feature common to all but the upper left design is a longitudinally-stacked deck configuration. I suppose the one in the upper left could have that, too, but it makes less sense with the way its hull is shaped. Perhaps that one could turn out to be a Transhuman Authority (the opposing faction in the Polaris universe)┬ádesign.

On an artistic note, I really had a blast with these sketches, trying out a few new techniques, and I actually completed all of them in less than two hours. I made a deliberate effort not to overthink them, which I have a tendancy to do, to just let the pencil flow and see what came out of it, and I think I wound up with some fairly original results.

2 comments to Polaris – Other Ship Concepts

  • John Rdzanek

    Hi Jason,

    I’ve seen your impressive artwork of the Modified TOS Enterprise at the TrekBBS site. I was wondering if you have any plans to post any new images or have a movie in the works?

  • Spotlore

    Just stopped in. I ran into your art randomly wile looking for something to use, inspired by Star Trek, to use as a background for my desktop. I clicked on a link to have a look at these “Polaris” concept drawings. I have no idea what Polaris is, but I love your ship designs! You have a talent. You should be designing ships for space themed video games. That would give me the chance to fly one of your ships. :P

    Anyway, don’t let that talent go to waist.


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