October 2009
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Starship Polaris – Round Four

So, after the latest round of coordination with Dennis, the “sails” have been restored to the design for the Polaris. I had a backup plan in case he decided to go that way and I have to say I’m glad he did. I liked the version without the sails but I like this even better.  

Sails Folded

Sails Folded


I decided to try to have the best of both worlds by making the sails transformational. Ordinarily, they are folded back in a standby position like you see above, but they can also rotate forward into a “deployed” position, probably when the ship is about to jump into hyperspace.  

Sails Deployed

Sails Deployed


The Starship Polaris script refers to “hyperspace sails” and a “drive grid.” This is my interpretation of those concepts, with the “drive grid” being the glowing blue arrays on the inside surfaces of the sails.  

Other refinements to these latest sketches include some changes to the main engines. Again, per Dennis’ request, I eliminated the bullet-shaped front ends of the main engine housings and created more of an integrated, backswept “shoulder” profile similar to a version he preferred in one of the earlier sketches.  

Dennis is reviewing these as I type, so we’ll see whether this turns out to be the final version or if I have some more tinkering to do. I’m having so much fun with it that I’m cool either way.  

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9 comments to Starship Polaris – Round Four

  • deg

    That’s pretty darn cool, dude! You gots some mad drawing skillz too, BTW. The sails remind me of Slave 1, probably only ’cause I built her and thus have every single line forever etched into my psyche. You know how that goes I’m sure. ;)

    Anywho, great stuff as always. I look forward to seeing this birdie make the transition from 2D to 3D, eh.

    peace | deg

  • Can’t wait to see this modeled, the sail concept is very clever.

    Are you sketching on paper, or using a pen tablet?

  • Jason Lee

    All of the Polaris work I’ve posted so far was done on a Wacom Cintiq digital tablet, my Christmas present to myself last year. Some of the best money I ever spent. ;)

  • I still have comfort issues using my Wacom for concept sketching, I use Photoshop of course, but I also use a few other sketchy-bitmap programs to see if I’ll find one that seems intuitive, like pencil & paper…

    No luck so far, what program do you use for your sketches?

  • Jason Lee

    I’ve done almost everything so far with Corel Painter X. I also work with Photoshop but I haven’t taken the time to really figure ot how to use it for this type of stuff. Shoot, I’ve barely scratched the surface of Painter X!

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